Irrational Fears I Have

1. Being in space. Specifically being untethered in space and floating away like George Clooney in Gravity.
2. Moths. It’s their irregular flight patterns and sometimes giant bodies. They seem to be the deranged cousin of the butterfly, and I cannot handle them.
3. Tornadoes. They can and will drop out of the sky without warning and destroy an entire city in under fifteen seconds. Screw tornadoes.
4. Choking on food while being home alone and not being able to self-heimlich. It happened to Liz Lemon on an episode of 30 Rock and I haven’t been able to forget it.
5. Cutting off an appendage with a power tool. Will I realize what’s happening too late to save the appendage? Will I remember to bring the appendage to the hospital with me so it can be reattached? Will I accidentally bring a piece of carrot to the hospital instead of, say, the top of a toe?
6. Brain aneurysms. It can happen at anywhere at time. That’s why it’s so terrifying.

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