My name is Denise. I live with my husband, our daughter, and our dog.

I started this blog after lots of hemming and hawing about lifestyle changes my doctor recommended. She advised a low-carb lifestyle as well as a few supplements to help with some health issues I’d been experiencing (PCOS, internal inflammation, mild anxiety, GERD).

Overhauling my whole life seemed overwhelming so I put it off for a really long time, but recently decided that if nothing changed, that nothing would ever change. There’s no time like the present. A year from now I’ll wish I started today. Ya know, things like that. And then I thought, well, if I’m changing my diet, I might as well change up some other stuff, too, like switching out cleaning supplies for non-toxic varieties (a baby and a dog with allergies may benefit from fewer chemicals in the home), and swapping our personal care products for their crunchy granolaville counterparts (even though my husband will very likely never give up his Old Spice deodorant, so it might be just me that does that one).

I like experiments, I like to try new things (mostly), and I really enjoy documentation, so why not combine all of it into one superexperimentapalooza? This blog will document all of that.