my least favorite types of people

1. People who cling to their personality types
I get it, you’re an ESFJ with an Enneagram Type Four or whatever but that doesn’t mean you get to not be an actual decent human person. Personality types should give you insight into your own innerworkings, not trap you inside of them.

2. Slow cashiers
I was being run up the other day by someone who was so slow, I swore I was on some sort of hidden camera show.

3. Name droppers
If the story isn’t exciting without dropping a name, then maybe don’t tell it at all.

4. People who say “God will never give you more than you can handle.”
First of all: what? Where are you getting that information? Second of all, it’s such a lazy way to make someone feel better. Whenever someone tells me that God will never give me more than I can handle, what I hear is “Your problems are not important enough for me to come up with a meaningful piece of advice that may fit the context of your situation, so here you go.” Just don’t.

5. Interrupters
As an interrupter, I can appreciate the sense of urgency that comes with remembering something and feeling the very intense need to share it as immediately as possible. I’m working on not interrupting as much. As a group we are very annoying people.