What’s Paleo?
From Paleo Magazine, “Paleo 101“:

Quite simply, Paleo provides a model for holistically healthy living. The Paleo diet recommends whole, nutrient-dense foods, and is at its most basic an elimination diet.

By removing many of the causes of allergies and autoimmune disorders, as well as the processed food-like products brought about by modern manufacturing, the human body is able to detox from foreign substances and naturally reset those basic functions that make eating, breathing and moving so effortless in a healthy system.

So. Good.

I’m starting with a Whole30 in an effort to change my health, habits, and relationship with food. I’m doing it for sixty days as recommended by my health practitioner, and supplementing as she recommends as well, knowing full well that supplements can not, should not, and do not replace the more bio-available forms of those nutrients in food form. (I’m not going to skip eating salmon because I’m taking an Omega-3 supplement, for instance.)

Here’s some people that know stuff about things!

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That’s all I’ve got for now, as those are the blogs I read on a weekly basis.